"FREE FOOD FOR MILLIONAIRES was a joy from beginning to end, and I could not put it down.

– Stuart Ellman, RRE VENTURES

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Interviews | April 05, 2009

Wall Street Journal- Asia, April 3, 2009

image When I was in Hong Kong for the Man Hong Kong International Literary Festival, I was interviewed by the journalist Saul Sugarman who is also on the staff of the Far Eastern Economic Review.

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Interviews | March 25, 2009

South China Morning Post - March 1, 2009

image A profile of my work appeared in the Post - the English-language paper of Hong Kong. It was written by Melinda Harper. I recently visited Hong Kong for its Man Hong Kong Literary Festival, and it was a beautiful place.

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– South China Morning Post

Interviews | March 11, 2009

Yonhap News Agency: “Top 10 Bestsellers in South Korea’s Foreign Fiction List”

A profile of my work appeared this month in the Yonhap News—South Korea’s official news agency. I was interviewed by the journalist Shin Hae-in of Yonhap.

The interview begins… “She was once cast in with that sea of would-be authors, struggling to find a publisher for her debut novel: a lengthy, dense work full of complex characters that might intimidate even the most voracious reader.

Now, people call her the “21st century Jane Austen,” and Lee Min-jin has become one of the few Korean-American writers to have their book translated into the language of their parents.”


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This version of the Yonhap story ran in the Joongang Ilbo—the Korean partner paper of the International Herald Tribune: Joongang Ilbo.

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Interviews | July 02, 2008

“Forget the Comparisons, She’s Unique” - Newsweek

From the interview:
Newsweek: But there was so much adultery in the book! Everyone was sleeping around and breaking up with each other. It’s sort of a dim view of love.

Min Jin Lee: Love is an absolutely tantalizing, beautiful thing. And yet, it is profoundly disappointing, too. I think adultery is a wonderful metaphor of betrayal. Sex is this intimate act between two people. In its highest form, we believe that it’s to be held sacred between two people who love each other. And that’s the reason why adultery always wounds us so much. But, if you take that as a metaphor, you can have adultery in friendship, you can have adultery in any intimate relationship.

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Interviews | April 27, 2008

New York Daily News

A first novel tells a sexy story of young Korean…

– New York Daily News

Interviews | April 27, 2008

Washington Times

Trying on different hats

– Washington Times

Interviews | April 27, 2008

Virginian Pilot

In ‘Free Food,’ Lee takes an exquisite…

– Virginian Pilot

Interviews | April 27, 2008


Min Jin Lee’s debut novel, Free Food for Millionaires, tells a story many of us can identify with. Casey, the daughter of working-class Korean immigrants in ...

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Interviews | April 27, 2008

Asian American Writer’s Workshop

Min Jin Lee Min Jin Lee’s upcoming debut novel, Free Food for ... Min Jin Lee: A pre-sell tour is when a publisher sends an author out around the country to ...

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Interviews | April 25, 2008


New York Book Festival
Runners-Up: Free Food For Millionaires – Min Jin Lee Hard-Boiled Men – Guy Jacobs HONORABLE MENTION: Crossing the Wire - Robert Kornhiser ...

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Interviews | April 25, 2008


If you want a thick, extremely well written literary novel then rush out and pick up Free Food For Millionaires. It took me a while to read but every night I crawled into bed with it and marveled at how Min Jin Lee crafted this satisfying novel that weaves together so many themes.

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Interviews | February 05, 2008

Wall Street Journal Juggle Book Club Selection

Min Jin Lee on Leaders, Good Girls and the Discomforts of Wealth
The Juggle spoke yesterday with Min Jin Lee, author of “Free Food for Millionaires” the third book in our Juggle book club. Ms. Lee called us from Tokyo, where she lives with her husband and 10-year-old son, and where she’s working on…

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Interviews | November 28, 2007


I was fortunate enough to meet Min Jin Lee, author of Free Food for Millionaires, at a reading here in DC a few months ago. She had read my first blog post about her book, and graciously signed my copy. A few months later, when I posted ...

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Interviews | August 24, 2007

The Publishing Spot

A discussion of how to publish, specialty publishers, publishing companies, publishing opportunities, publishing agents, etc.

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Interviews | August 21, 2007

The Publishing Spot

This week I’m interviewing first-time novelist, Min Jin Lee about how she mastered this 19th Century technique in her new book. It’s called Free Food for Millionaires, an epic novel employing some unfamiliar writing tools that all ...

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